Hello my dear followers :)

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This is my blog where I am going to show you my work!!! 

Here you will be introduced with my designs, from textile, clothing and accessories!!! 

It’s finally time to show world my work and I hope you will love it!!! 

NEWS !! Products with my designs on Society6

Hello my dear people :D


I have great news for all of you who like my work.

For a few months now I was thinking about my designs and how it would be cool if people could buy different products with my designs. I like how many artists put their art on iPhone cases, canvas, mugs and many other products, that is why I have always wanted to have that opportunity and now I finally found how I can have that.


Two days ago I found out about a website where artists can upload their art and people can buy products with original designs, they like. When I saw this website I couldn’t let it go. It’s finally here, now I found the perfect way to make my dreams, well some of my dreams, come true. I was so happy about this I couldn’t stop uploading my designs and putting them on every product :D

I don’t know if this is going to work, I hope it will. This is not a big platform, yet, and I am sure if I try hard and share my designs and with help of my friends and people who like my work, this is going to be very good.


You can see my shop here. Please share this, maybe someone would like something and wants to buy some product with my design :)


Mina Sparklina shop on Socieaty6

Mina Sparklina shop on Socieaty6









aristocats 3





Aristocats 1





Umace u polozenim ramovima sa plavom pozadinom



Which one is your favorite ? You can write me in comments. :)



Lets play chess

I just finished this one and I love it so much so I decided to share it with you :D It reminds me of some weird chessboard :D

I can’t stop creating textile patterns :) I have soooo many ideas every day :)










I have Behance profile now, you can check it out !!! ;)

It’s Spring time in Sparklina world




flowery aliens

Flowery aliens






Flower’s game



Orange rainbow


Orange rainbow 2

Orange rainbow 2


plavi cvetni

Sea of flowers


plavi motiv

Quadrate of life



Circle flowers


Green touch






It’s first day of Spring and it’s perfect time to share my new patterns. They are inspired by Serbian traditional ornaments. I choose few interesting ornaments and then created my own. There will be more, very soon but I couldn’t resist not to share this with you.


Mina Sparklina


Table runner or wall decoration !!!

top detail

middle detail

Detail bottom

This piece is almost finished and I took some photos to show you details, before it’s done. When I started working on this, my idea was to make a table runner. I am not sure any more, maybe is going to be a wall decoration :D !!