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iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases with my designs

Hello everyone !!! :)

Now you can buy iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases with my designs. Check them below with links from my shop…


Crazy Japan

Crazy Japan

  iPhone 6 slim case and iPhone 6 tough case

   iPhone 6 Plus slim case and iPhone 6 Plus tough case


Colorful sand

Colorful sand

iPhone 6 slim case  and iPhone 6 tough case 

iPhone 6 Plus slim case and iPhone 6 Plus tough case




iPhone 6 slim case and iPhone 6 tough case

 iPhone 6 Plus slim case and iPhone 6 Plus tough case 


Arabic colors

Arabic colors

 iPhone 6 slim case and iPhone 6 tough case

iPhone 6 Plus slim case and iPhone 6 Plus tough case



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Before everything is done…

For the past 3 months I am working on a spring collection of bed covers. This collection is going to be in my exhibition in November. For this collection I wanted to make a few bed covers inspired with theme “SPRING”, few bed toppers with pillows and some wall art.  I am using flowers as details on every piece.

I took some pictures just to show you how they look like for now, because I wanted to show you something before everything is done :)


Bed topper


Patchwork details


Patchwork details




Lotus art


Lotus art


Lotus art









Vintage Herbarium

My designs for a competition for Absolut INDIA limited edition bottle

Hello everyone :) 

I know I didn’t post news for quite some time, but I am kinda busy .. I am working on new designs for my upcoming exhibition :) 

BUT .. I am here to show you my designs I did for a competition. It’s for Absolut INDIA Limited Edition Bottle.. 

I would like to ask you to vote for my designs. You can click on this link and vote with you facebook and twitter profile, both. 

Those are my designs and THANK YOU FOR YOUR VOTES !!





Electric Energy

I was productive this last two days and I created new patterns. For the past two weeks I can’t stop thinking about Pet Shop Boys concert I will attend at 10th of July. I am big fan of Pet Shop Boys music. I searched photos from their “Electric” tour to use them for my inspiration. I watched the whole concert on You Tube and I was amazed with effects during the concert.


Ok I am not here to tell you about PSB music xD …. I want to show you my new patterns inspired by PSB Electric tour :)












Electric energy










3 colors










If you are fan of Pet Shop Boys, you should watch this concert :)   ==> Pet Shop Boys Electric Tour












Arabic art and calligraphy inspiration


 Arabic art inspiration !!! 

Arabic art 1




blue love


roze pattern









Arabic art 2



Arabic art 3








Arabic art 4






probno -1







zuti sa crvenim




Arabic art 6










One of the best things in my work is that I can find an inspiration everywhere. Every time I see something interesting for inspiration I write it down. I like animals, cats specially, and that is why I did patterns and drawings inspired with cats. Trucks are very interesting too and many many other things I see around me.  I like culture of eastern countries, their art and calligraphy. I already used Japanese culture and calligraphy for my designs and I am going to do more of that. Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Persian and Arabic art are constant inspirations for my work. I love their calligraphy too. I don’t understand what they write about, but when I see Japanese, Korean or Arabic calligraphy I can’t stop staring at them. They look so beautiful and artistic that I only see those signs as my inspiration for something new to draw :) .

I love Arabic art so much and that is why I decided to use their art and calligraphy for inspiration for something new. I didn’t use text from pics I found on line because I didn’t want to use something I don’t understand. But I found a website where I translated my name on Arabic and I used that for my designs.

You can see here 6 drawings inspired with Arabic art and calligraphy, gifs I made and patterns made from some of my drawings  :)