The Changing room takes you to Slumberland

Have you ever thought that coming into a changing room could take you to another world? It’s not just a fairy tale. There you can find a colorful brick road which takes you where ever you want to go in the company of a tall buffoon who introduces you to joyful blue, red and green fairies flying around your head. The blue sky is filled with flying balloons. …. Just imagine 


Comics are my great inspiration and that’s the main reason why I chose “Little Nemo in Slumberland” by Winsor McCay for this project.  

   “Little Nemo in Sluberland” by Wisnsor McCay

I mixed the story and characters from his comic into a new story and put it down on textile. McCay’s characters always have unbelievable adventures that lead them to the new and unknown places. Those adventures inspirited me to create my own view of the dream world that McCay gave the name of Slumberland. 

I used my painting skills to show you my final creations. With glittering details, stickers for textile, paints and tinsel I created my Slumberland on textile.My final work is the decorative changing room. You don’t need any special place to put it… you can just hang it where ever you want.



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