My designs for “MIKA” t-shirt competition

Back in 2010 I became a member of the official site of a pop sensation MIKA. In the summer of 2010 they opened a competition for MIKA t-shirt design. From the very beginning I wanted to design something for such an amazing and unique artist like MIKA, so I created five different designs for Mika t-shirts, which you can see here…

Enjoy 😀

Here you can download all designs for free and print for you on a t-shirt. All designs are saved in illustrator file type cos those designs worked in many parts sooo I think this is the best way… if you want to print them.  Off course if someone needs those files in jpg or some else type can do that by him/her self or contact me and I’ll do and sent to you.

Design 1

Design 2

Design 3

Design 4

Design 4


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