Irish Step Dancing Costumes

 From my early teens I have always been amazed by costumes for dancing competitions. Not sure why, but I think it was cos they are so shiny , colorful and fluttery. I never thought that one day I would create one of those. But that moment came.

I was asked to create costumes for Irish step dancing. My friend who is dancer asked me to create dress for her for dancing competition and I sad: Hell Yea!!! Finally my moment came. 

I went to their rehearsal, took a paper and pen and tried to draw something. While they were dancing I watched their moves and try to think of something that would look amazing. I did a few sketches (10 :D) but still I wasn’t sure how that costume should look like. While I was drawing their choreographer saw me… and he wanted to now what I was doing… My friend Nina, who asked me to create the dress for her, told him: “She is drawing dress for me, cos she will make one for a dancing competition.” 
After their rehearsal I gave her my sketches, so that we could use them later…

Few weeks later Nina told me that Marko (choreographer) wanted me to make a vest for him, as a part of his Irish dance costume.
I said yes and one day soon after that we got together and they showed me a website where people who dance Irish step buy their unique costumes… 
I was inspired. 
Soon after that day, I started working on a design for the vest. I used traditional Celtic signs as ornaments for his vest… For his vest I used embroidery to make ornaments and tinsels for golden details…

Competition was coming and I started working on Nina’s dress too… Well that was a hard job but fun. We used some details from my sketches and created the dress for her.
That is the story how I, for the first time, created costumes for dancing competition 😀 It was fun experience..
Here you can check their website  


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