Sparklina Design has shop on now

Hello everybody!

I have an announcement to make and I hope you will like it. It’s really special for me. You all saw my posts about necklaces I made and now the moment has come for me to make a shop on I tried to do that for months. My first idea was to open a shop there and put my coats cos I can’t sell them here, in Serbia. I had many problems with payment methods, cos in Serbia we don’t have Paypal and that was the problem. For months I tried to find the best way to open Paypal somewhere and finally put my creations on Etsy. It was really hard. 

Finally my relatives from Germany helped me and they open Paypal. I was so happy, that was in March but still I had other problems, huh so many of them. It was shipping, but I was persistent and I found the best way  to ship items.  

I have been trying this from November last year and since  it isn’t season for  coats I decided to put necklaces I made for now.  Of course you don’t need to have an account on Etsy to buy my necklaces, you can send me an e-mail, tweet me or leave me a comment. 

this is my shop on


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