Good old animal print … patterns by Sparklina

Textile design has always been my passion. For eight  years I studied textile and fashion design. Hand painted textile is very interesting and I love doing that, cos it gives unique touch from a person who paints it. Four years in high school I had favorite class and it was  ‘Textile design’. I loved those classes, cos there we learned how to design patterns. We had topics that teacher would give us and we  needed to create our patterns and it was fun.  But, when you are in high school you need to do what your teacher wants you to, and after four years at  high school and later at  college, finally I can create what I want  😀 ..  

For so long I have wanted to start creating textile patterns but I couldn’t find good inspiration.   One day I was watching my cat sleeping, she was so cute and I got this  cool idea:  she could be my inspiration. I had my inspiration but I didn’t know how to start.  For days  I was thinking  how I to use cats on  my pattern.  I wanted it to be something different and an  idea came:  I could  make animal prints from cats 😀 …. 

Here you can see some of my first ideas, I will work on them more and I will show you when I am done… I hope you enjoy with my cat-animal prints 😀

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