Golden design… The vest I made for British pop star Mika

When I started designing clothes on collage my big wish was to become stylist for a famous
person. That was just a dream, because it was impossible for a girl from Serbia to design clothes
for someone famous. One day I stopped dreaming.

My favorite singer is British pop prince MIKA  . When I started exploring his music I never
imagined I’d fall in love with his style too. So many colours, glitter, accessories, stunning coats
and tailcoats… and of course unbelievable details made me think how Mika’s style is very
similar to mine. His clothes never stop to amaze me and one day I realized he was the famous
person I wanted to make clothes for.

Soon after that I became member of Mika Fan Club where I learned that his fans create a bunch
of interest stuff and send them to him or give them to him after gigs, on meet-and-greets. What’s
even more interesting is that he wears all that. When I discovered that, it made me think why I
can’t make something for him??
At first I didn’t know what to make and then I realized Mika has so many different coats and
tailcoats and I decided to make a tail vest for him.
I wanted to create something special. Before I decided to make the tail vest for Mika I didn’t
have any experience in making men clothes. The tail vest was the first garment I made by myself
and I was so scared about the way it would turn out in the end. One of the biggest problems was
that I didn’t know his measures. I had no idea whom to ask for help and the first person that came
to my mind was a lovely woman and friend Anne Kerjouan aka crazyaboumika (alias under
which she is known to other fans). She is the one who told me that Mika Fan Club is an amazing
place and to go there and explore.
My brother was a model for the vest, cos he is of a similar build but little shorter than Mika. I got
a mail from Anne and she told me she can’t help me but she knows who can. She asked another
fan who is from Japan and she helped me a lot. Soon after that I got a mail from Eriko who wrote
me that Mika looks like male model and because she worked for Japanese fashion designer she
already knew measures for male models. I couldn’t believe and I was so happy. But I was still
nervous to start working. Eventually, I started to work on that special vest.
It was a two weeks work, not because it was hard (cos it wasn’t) but because I was nervous and
I wanted to make it look perfect. First I made cuts on paper and then in the fabric. After that I
copied the whole art work from paper to material and started painting with textile paint. When
I finished painting it, 80 % of the work was done. I finished all my work on time (3 days before
the Balaton Sound festival gig).
The only thing that made me scared was how I am going to give him my gift. In the end it wasn’t
a problem, I was on stage dancing with MIKA and my friends. After gig I gave the vest to his
sister cos I wasn’t sure that we would see MIKA later, but we did. I felt a little sad cos I didn’t
give it to him personally, but I was sure he would see it later.
Now I know he has it and I am still waiting to see him wearing the vest. I hope one day I will
post pics of him wearing the vest.


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