Candy tailcoat

Hello I am back 🙂

It feels like ages since my last post. I can’t say that I was too busy to write something –
nevertheless I am doing so many different things and just can’t find time to share something new.
I know I said there would be some news and it is coming very soon. For now, I’ve decided to
show you something very interesting that I am working on.
Last year I started creating something new. I always wanted to make a tailcoat for myself, and I
finally did. But I didn’t stop just with one. I made 6 different tailcoats :).
The first time I fell in love with the idea of a tailcoat was when I started to explore my favorite
singer’s style. As some of you know, apart from his amazing music, I also fell for MIKA and his
style. When you say “a tailcoat” you might think of penguins or bandmasters, because they’re
always wearing them. But when I saw the way MIKA wears it I totally fell in love. I love how
you can embed tailcoats in many different styles.
😀 And that is the reason why I wanted to make one for me.

First I didn’t know what kind of tailcoat I wanted to create. I had a lot of inspiration and
materials I bought years before. I finally had a way of using them 🙂 !!
When I started sewing I just couldn’t stop …. I made 6 different tailcoats in 2-3 months and they
are all totally different and unique. My idea was to show how tailcoats can be an interesting part
of your stye. For months I tried to figure out the best way to promote this little collection and
together with my friend, we found the best idea. You are already familiar with her work
from many photos she took of my creations. I had an idea to make an editorial for this collection.
As I’ve already said, every tailcoat is different and we decided to come up with a story for every
piece of this collection. It is going to be amazing.

First one is made from striped cotton material and looks kinda like a candy, that is why I made
the whole set for this photo shooting. It has big lollipops, popsicles, big clouds and big candies.
Everything is in pastel shades. So, every detail you see in the photos was hand- made – except
for the balloons, those I bought.
I will post some pics from photo shooting and I hope you will love them.

I will share the finished pics in my next blog post, or maybe I will wait until the whole shooting
is finished so I can show you my final work 🙂

Enjoy and eat your lollipop. 🙂

                                                    My brother is helping with the set


                                     Almost finished 🙂


                                      My first time as a model


     Finally ! I decided to share two finished photos …  We choose 10 photos from this photo shooting !!

smanjena 2


       Design:  Sparklina design by Mina Vesović

       Photo: Mina Šarenac

       Hair: Danko Bocvarski

       Makeup: Draginja Marić 


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