Flowery design



Finally new photos are here. I waited for the photos to be finished in order to write this post. I can’t say those photos are my favorite, but I am so happy how everything looks in the and.

When I started thinking about inspiration for this photo shooting I didn’t have any idea. I talked with Mina ( the photographer) about inspirations. She gave me the idea to have a photo shoot in the flowery environment, something like a botanic garden or a flower shop. Those were the first ideas and we didn’t talk about it later. While I was thinking about the inspirations for another photo shoot I got the idea for this floral piece. I have always liked Frida Kahlo’s style and paintings. I looked  up some photos on the Google and I decided I want her to be my inspiration for this piece. I talked with Mina and she loved my idea. I started thinking about the styling for this photo shoot. I never mentioned this before, but for every photo shoot I have sewn something new. For this photo shoot I made this red skirt. The part with embroidered details is from my old skirt I had have for a long time. I have always loved those details but I didn’t like the whole skirt. Now, I have finally used it for something I like. I made a ball skirt with some old materials I had, it looks beautiful 😀 !!!

For the set we used some floral materials I found in my treasury box of materials. We had the photo shoot in Mina’s parents’ apartment.  On the day of photo shoot I was very nervous, dunno why, maybe because I always think that something will go wrong. Every time we had a problem of some sorth, but in the and the photos always look amazing. I think that nothing can be perfect. Few days before the photo shoot I didn’t know what I was going to do with my hair  because we only had plastic flowers. My mum came to me with an idea, she told me she knew a woman who was a flower decorator and that I could ask her if she would collaborate with me. I have contact her and she told me she was interested to work with me. She sent me some ideas, BUT there was one problem. We wanted to start preparing for this photo shoot earlier and this woman couldn’t get on time. I was so sad and I thought: “ooh well maybe this is for the best”. On the day of photo shoot Mina sent me a text message, telling me that electricity in her building is off and we need to postpone the photo shoot for a few hours. After seeing this message I immediately called Nada ( the flower decorator) and told her that the photo shoot is postponed and that she can could get there in time 😀 !! She was so happy, too, and I told her what flower idea I liked the most.Later that day, I went with my friends to the apartment where we were to have the photo shoot and after an hour and a half we started getting ready. I was nervous like always but this time I had a great feeling. Nada came with some beautiful flowers and I was so happy cos I knew that it would look  much better with real flowers.  Mina ( the photographer) organised the set. She used a carpet and a chest from her parents apartment. It looked amazing 🙂 !!

After an hour or more of photo shooting, we moved to the other set, in the hallway in her building where we did more photos 🙂 ! It was a little bit cold but you can’t see that on the final photos.

Wow I wrote a lot 🙂 and I hope I didn’t bored you with my story. Now you can see the final photos 😀 !!







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