My first interview :D

I am so happy because I can share this with You. Last year I found out about new blogging platform named Glipho. They contacted me on twitter telling me they like my designs and asking me if I would like to come on their site and write about the stuff I created. They loved my designs and after a few months I got mail from lovely Rachel, who works for Glipho telling me that they want to interviewing me for The #meetaglipher project  . After a week I got the mail with  questions. I was so excited but on other hand, very nervous because I was never interviewed before ^_^ !!! I am so proud of my work and happy because many people around the world like my Sparklina world 🙂 !!

Few interesting questions from my first interview 🙂


1. Why did you start blogging? Why do you continue to do it?

The first time I began to think about blogging was after my first exhibition. I wanted to find the best way and place to share my work. In 2011, I had my first solo exhibition where I presented the collection of embroidered coats. This was the biggest project I ever did. I wanted to present this collection to the world. After the opening night, I started exploring blogging sites and my friend told me about word press. My exhibition was in June and I made my blog in August, but I didn’t want to open the blog with this collection.

In September, I asked my friend who is a photographer if she wants to take photos of my collection. I already had an inspiration for the shooting and she loved it. In the end, the photos turned out to be a piece of art. Finally, when I posted the photos on my blog, people were amazed and I had so many comments from around the world, people were congratulating me on my “success” (if I can say that). After this post, I figured out I wanted to continue blogging. I started to write about things I create. I shared everything that is interesting from my creative work. Blog helped me to start working more, ‘cause I am unemployed and at home the whole time, exploring and trying to find new inspirations.

Glipho is the second site where I started blogging. I wanted to have more options and places where I can share my work. When I found out about this site I didn’t think twice, I started blogging here, too. I love sharing my work everywhere.

2. Your designs are absolutely gorgeous. What made you decide to start designing? 

Thank you 😀 ! That means a lot to me. I come from a creative family and when I was in elementary school, I began to like fashion design. My father is a professor; he owns a private school where he teaches drawing comics and illustrations. My whole life I have been surrounded with books, comic books, paintings, and even movies were an influence. But to be honest, I don’t know why I turned to fashion and textile design. I like reading comics but I am not into making them.

After elementary school, I attended High School for design, where I studied fashion and textile design for 4 years. We had many interesting classes where we learned a lot. I love both fashion and textile design and when I graduated I couldn’t choose what I liked more. That was the reason why I continued to study both courses. I went to The College of Textile – Design, Technology and Managment – DTM and kept studying both. I think that those two things depend on one another and I didn’t want to separate them.

3. Who or what inspires you when you design? 

Let me think… Well, I can’t say I have one particular inspiration. Sometimes, I find an inspiration for my designs in little things. For example, I wanted to design a textile pattern and I my cats were my inspiration. I have always been amazed with cat’s sleeping positions and I like to take pics of them while they are sleeping. One day, I got an idea to use them for animal print designs. It’s the same with fashion design. Last year, I made a little collection of tailcoats (they are not for sale, I made them as promotional material ) and the inspiration was my favourite singer Mika, because it was the first time I saw how  a tailcoat can be an awesome detail in your everyday style. I fell in love.

4. Have you had any particular experiences as a result of your blog?

Unfortunately, no. I just get many comments and likes for now, but I had one very interesting comment of my post about the collection of coats. One photographer from NYC said he loves my collection and he wrote this to me: “but if you ever need a photographer in New York, I would love to photograph your designs!” I think that is why I am still learning how to promote my blog, I hope one day it pays off. Glipho is still new for me but I can say I have many new followers every day, even if I am not that active here.

7. You designed a stunning coat for Mika. What do you love about him? What made you decide to design something for him?

This is my favourite part of this interview :). Hmm, what do I love about him, well, I would say everything, because that is true. First, I fell for his music and the next thing was his style. He is a very creative person, and I am not the only one who found inspiration in his work. I started exploring him more and listened to what he was saying in his many interviews, and just fell for him more. I love the way he is so down-to-earth, and I love his attitude towards his fans. In 2010, I became a member of his official fan club, where I met so many crazy fans and I felt I found my place. I remember the first time I saw the video for We Are Golden I loved every detail in there.

One jacket caught my attention and later I found out that fans from Mika Fan Club made it for him and I couldn’t believe he wore it. He loves unique and hand- made gifts and that was the reason I wanted to make him something. I know he gets many presents and that is why I wanted to make something special. I worked on this gift for two weeks, just before his gig in Hungary. I went there with my two friends and we were a part of his show as lollipop girls. I met his sister and I gave her my gift, because I wasn’t sure if we would see him later. I know he got my gift and I’m still waiting to see him wearing it. I still have my hope.

The whole interview  🙂


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