NEWS !! Products with my designs on Society6

Hello my dear people 😀


I have great news for all of you who like my work.

For a few months now I was thinking about my designs and how it would be cool if people could buy different products with my designs. I like how many artists put their art on iPhone cases, canvas, mugs and many other products, that is why I have always wanted to have that opportunity and now I finally found how I can have that.


Two days ago I found out about a website where artists can upload their art and people can buy products with original designs, they like. When I saw this website I couldn’t let it go. It’s finally here, now I found the perfect way to make my dreams, well some of my dreams, come true. I was so happy about this I couldn’t stop uploading my designs and putting them on every product 😀

I don’t know if this is going to work, I hope it will. This is not a big platform, yet, and I am sure if I try hard and share my designs and with help of my friends and people who like my work, this is going to be very good.


You can see my shop here. Please share this, maybe someone would like something and wants to buy some product with my design 🙂


Mina Sparklina shop on Socieaty6
Mina Sparklina shop on Socieaty6

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