Arabic art and calligraphy inspiration


 Arabic art inspiration !!! 

Arabic art 1




blue love


roze pattern









Arabic art 2



Arabic art 3








Arabic art 4






probno -1







zuti sa crvenim




Arabic art 6










One of the best things in my work is that I can find an inspiration everywhere. Every time I see something interesting for inspiration I write it down. I like animals, cats specially, and that is why I did patterns and drawings inspired with cats. Trucks are very interesting too and many many other things I see around me.  I like culture of eastern countries, their art and calligraphy. I already used Japanese culture and calligraphy for my designs and I am going to do more of that. Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Persian and Arabic art are constant inspirations for my work. I love their calligraphy too. I don’t understand what they write about, but when I see Japanese, Korean or Arabic calligraphy I can’t stop staring at them. They look so beautiful and artistic that I only see those signs as my inspiration for something new to draw 🙂 .

I love Arabic art so much and that is why I decided to use their art and calligraphy for inspiration for something new. I didn’t use text from pics I found on line because I didn’t want to use something I don’t understand. But I found a website where I translated my name on Arabic and I used that for my designs.

You can see here 6 drawings inspired with Arabic art and calligraphy, gifs I made and patterns made from some of my drawings  🙂





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