In today’s post I want to show You something that I have been working on for the past month. I tried not to share this but it’s really hard, because I really like it. This project is something I had in mind for a long time and now I decided to start working on it. I hope one day I will exhibit this project.

Every time when I want to escape from my problems, life, and everything that makes me mad or sad I go for a walk in my favorite woods. Well, it’s not like I go there only when I am sad, but nature makes me feel better and I can switch off my thoughts and just enjoy there. This forest is near my place and I can go there when ever I want, if it’s sunny, cloudy, or if there is a big snow I just like to go for a walk. Unfortunately it’s not that quiet, because it’s next to the road and you can hear cars and busses but that doesn’t stop me from spending some quality time in my woods. I like to take pictures of trees, everytime I have my phone or my camera to capture something interesting there 🙂

One day I had an idea to use some of those pictures from the woods and turn them into patterns. The main idea is to create patterns that one day I may print on fabric, but first I need to make perfect designs.

I have so many pictures from this woods and I’ll post some of them in this post.

p.s. I am not a photographer so don’t expect some great/amazing photos … But I will post some patterns i have already made and you can leave a comment, what do you think about them.

Summer ..







Autumn – November














*fairies in a woods*

What do you think 🙂 ???

Thank you for reading my blog

Mina Sparklina


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