Twitter Art Exhibition

This year will be 5th twitter art exhibition. I find out about this art exhibition on twitter, and I never explome more about this before. Last year I saw news about this open call and decided to read more about it. After I read what is all about I wanted to be part of this exhibtion. I made this postcard specialy for this exhibition . Read more about this #TwitterArtExhibition 

Twitter Art Exhibit: Moss is an international exhibition of original postcard art benefiting Home-Start Moss, a nonprofit organization helping families in need. Home-Start believes that every child deserves the best start in life. By matching experienced volunteers to families with young children, Home-Start provides support that is free to the family, confidential, and based on individual needs. Volunteers do not make judgements or tell the parents how to live their lives; instead, they try to encourage confidence and independence, and help families build their own networks of friends and other support.

It has blue glitter on,but you can’t see that on this photo 🙂


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