Say no to plastic bags – WEAR a TOTE BAG

What do you think about using a plastic bags? This is something I am trying to avoid for the past few months. Every time when I go to the grosery store I am trying not to take those awful plastic bags that you can get it at the cashier for free. I don’t know why I start thinking more about this, probably because here in Belgrade and whole Serbia we don’t recycle plastic bags and you can see many of them flying outside on a wind and some poor trees with so many plastic bags on. Some people just don’t care about this and that makes me sad. I know I can’t change them but I will try to do something.

Today I was with my friend at the grosery store and I got an interesting idea. Why to take a plastic bag and throw out later if you can buy a tote bag and use it when ever you need. I don’t say I am the first one who got this idea 🙂 because I am not but this way I am trying to promote tote bags with my designs that you can buy on my Society 6 shop .. I am so claver 😉

You can see some of them here, and if you click on a picture the link will send you to that product.


For cats lovers


Perfect for Valentine’s day gift






Japan inspiration





And new spring collection inspired with woods




Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

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