Vintage flowers bed cover-working progress


My dear followers,

I am writing this blog to show you my latest work. During the last few weeks, I had been working on one big order for a wedding gift.

The wedding gift order was for an intricate hand embroidered bed cover.  I took dozens of photos to show you details in working progress (as you will see below).

As the gift is a special custom made order, I met with the bride for a one on one consultation to find out more about her taste and what inspires her. We went through many colour swatches and different motifs she likes. I presented her with finished bed cover samples in a variety of styles. She quite liked the designs and was especially fond of bed covers with hand embroidery.  Generally in my designs I use embroidery for details, however bed covers that I design are more focused on the hand painting technique. When we finished our consultation, it was going to require laborious work by hand, but I was confident that the outcome will be terrific. I was convinced that she will fall in love with the finished product.

First, I did a sketch of all the details in their actual dimensions, as I do every time, and I  do recommend  this as the easiest way to start this type of work. I can straight away see what the final product will look like and if I need to add more details. I decided to make floral design with a a touch of vintage feel. As the bed cover is going to be used everyday,  but needs to make a statement, I put extra effort in creating a design that would reflect this need.

For this post I am going to show you the work in progress and in the following post I will share the finished product.  Hope you enjoy it!















Thank you for reading my blog 🙂

Finished bed cover you can see on my official website Sparklina and in my Behance portfolio Mina Sparklina

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