Idyllic dreams

It’s Monday. Many people don’t like Mondays because it is the first day of the working week. Sometimes this blue (Mon)day can turn into very colorful happy day. Like today, I am happy to be here and to finally share new pictures of my bed cover designs.

This big piece is a patchwork bed cover I made last year. I waited for so long to find the best place to take a photo of this bed cover. Finally, with a help of a family friend, I found a great apartment with amazing furniture and now photos are here.


I have four different pieces to show you, but today I will share just this one. So stay tuned for more posts this week.





This bed cover is made as a patchwork from 81 square. Every piece of this bed cover is hand painted. It has five different motifs who were multiplied so I can create this pattern.






You can see the only motif, that doesn’t match, on a left bottom side. That is my logo , created to look similar to the rest of floral motifs..

I worked on this bed cover for few months, and now I am really happy that I can share it with you. Big thanks to my friend for taking photos for me. You can check her website Mina Šarenac

This is for today, be sure to check my blog tomorow for more bed cover designs. Thank you for reading my blog.

Write you soon.



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