I am still exploring


I just heard that today, the third Monday in January, is the most depressing day of the year. I don’t know why I am not feeling that way, it’s maybe because I don’t need to wake up every Monday and go to work. After I got my master degree, I couldn’t find a job as a fashion or textile designer, but that didn’t stop me. At first, I was sure that I want to be a fashion designer and create unique clothes. In December 2010, I started working on my first collection of “Embroidered coats” which I wanted to be my first baby and to present myself in a world of fashion.

“The collection comprises of nine uniquely tailored, hand embroidered woollen coats with colour coordinated linen. Each coat features unique embroidery pattern with detailing heavily influenced by the Serbian traditional embroidery techniques.”

After that collection, I worked on a few different designs, made a small collection of tail coats and designed Irish step dancing costumes.

The first time I decided to create a collection of (textile) patterns, it was one really cold day in February, back to 2012. I got one interested idea and I wanted to try and make it. My first collection of patterns, after my college years, was the “Animal print with cats”. I wanted to create something unique and recognizable but still  commercially good.

When I finished this collection I loved the final result and I begin to think “this is something I really want to do”. At first, I didn’t continue with pattern design because I needed to learn more about pattern design by using the illustrator and photoshop. For my birthday, I got a cute planner where I start writing down every idea I got for a pattern design. So one day I will have everything in one place. In February 2014, I went to the biggest textile fair in Paris TEXWORLD at Messe Frankfurt and I fell in love. That was the moment I knew I want to design textile prints and patterns. For four days, I spent many hours exploring this fair, it opened my eyes. When I came back to Belgrade I couldn’t wait anymore and I started working on my second collection. I was inspired with Serbian traditional ornaments and I made the collection “Serbian spring”. Later that year, I found out about a website where I can upload my patterns and sell them printed on many different products. Back then, I thought this is going to be easy and I will start selling my designs online, but nothing happened for months. I was updating my profile every few weeks or months and still nothing. I started to think maybe this is not that easy as I think, maybe I need to be productive and try to update my shop more often. I said to myself:”Mina, you need to work on this. Try to make at least two collections per year and explore more options. Where I can promote my designs?” Now, I have my official website on sparklina.com where I promote my brand. Also, I have and Etsy and Society6 shop. Two weeks ago I opened up my next shop on Print All Over Me website where I sell my prints and patterns on clothes. This is something new for now. I’m not sure how will work in the future but I don’t want to stop here. I am still trying to find more places and websites where I can promote my designs.

While I am working on my promotion for my textile design and patterns, I work on something a little different too. My brand has a different section where I create unique home textile. You can all check on my website and read about the on my blog

If you read this whole text about my work life, here you can enjoy and look at some cool products with my designs on. New prints are coming every day.


Thank you for your time


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