Yes to tote bags no to plastic sackstic

Where ever you live I am sure in your town or city some people use plastic bags, we all do. Plastic bags are everywhere. I know we can’t stop the plastic industry, but we can try and use less plastic bags. In some countries, customers use paper bags when they buy grocery. But here in Serbia, where I live, you can’t see a paper bag in grocery stores.

In this post, I will share some pictures I found online and with a video, where people can see what we are doing to our planet by using plastic bags.

Plastic is everywhere in our seas. It accumulates on the sea floor and in sediments, washes up on coastlines and is taken up by fish and other sea creatures. It affects birds, fish, mammals and other marine life. It eventually breaks down into smaller bits, which can look like fish eggs and get eaten by marine animals, but it never biodegrades. Those particles, or microplastics, just keep building up. They also absorb and concentrate toxic chemicals, poisoning the animals that consume them. Studies show that 44 percent of all seabird species have plastic in and around their bodies, and fish, birds, turtles and whales often become fatally entangled in plastic waste.

-from EcoWatch, wrote 


Read more here.


It’s estimated that 100,000 to 1 million sea animals die each year from attempting to ingest plastic bags. What’s the point of saving the whales if we’re killing everyone else, am I right? Plastic bags create devastating losses of marine life entirely on their own, so if we fix that problem, imagine how many lives and ecosystems we could help.

-from Spoonunivercity, wrote Emma Shellhamer 

You can also check this video from Vale B.


I can’t remember when I published the first post with pictures of tote bags with my prints. I am always trying to promote my work and products from my shop, but let just think a little bit bigger than that. If you want to use less plastic bags and to be chic and unique you can always bring your tote bag with you.

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