Happy February!

On today post, I am glad to present you my next bed cover design. I named it “The herbarium” cause of the way I decided to put all of those different flowers in one unity.

This is the third design from my floral bed cover designs. When I start working on this project, I wanted to make something little bit different than my other designs. I like to invent objects inspired by flowers. That is why you can see the various objects that look in a shape of flowers. While I was working on this bed cover I constantly tried to invent atypical shape for the flower. There are fifty different forms of flowers.

This piece is hand painted on a white cotton fabric with the similar orange fabric at the back. Dimensions of this cover are 105 x 204 cm. During my work on this, I start to think how it would look great hanged on a wall. I think it would look much better as the wall decor than as the bed cover. What do you think?

More details about this piece of textile art you can see on my official website THE HERBARIUM .

I can thank Mina Šarenac for took pictures of my work

Also, you can see one gif I made from photos of working progress.





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