Decorative table runners

It’s a beautiful and sunny day in February. Today I decided to show you few new designs for this spring. You already know that I design and make decorative and unique bed covers, but sometimes I like to make something smaller. In this post, I will present you four different table runners.

The first design is inspired by fallen leaves, on a ground that you can find in autumn. I used the pattern I made for one bed cover few years ago. I changed the repeat of this pattern on this piece. It’s hand painted on an orange cotton fabric with acrylic paints I use for my work.



This one is also inspired by leaves, but it’s made from stamps. Few years ago I made stamps from linoleum in shapes of leaves and this is one of the designs made with those stamps.



The third design is different. I wanted to make something floral but not traditional floral motifs. This design in inspired with a floral vine with an unusual selection of colors. I wanted to create something that will look antique. It’s also handpainted on a pink cotton fabric.




The last but not least table topper is modern minimalistic design. It’s made from two silk fabrics. The one on the top is really interesting with stripped texture all over it. I wanted to create something totally different and the final product looks great.





Every piece from this post will be available in my Etsy shop, very soon.


Thank you for your time and interests for my designs.

Mina Sparklina



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