Bears in honour of Spring


Hello, my dear followers.

I hope you have a wonderful beginning of Spring. In this post, I will tell you about an exhibition from last night. “Bears in the honour of Spring” is an annual exhibition inspired by bears. The original inspiration for this exhibition was the thing that bears do before spring comes.

There is a very nice folk belief about the end of winter, or in other words, about the beginning of spring. A bear is mentioned in it and apparently it all depends on him. If the bear gets scared of his own shadow and runs back into his cave there will be more cold weather. But if he doesn’t get scared, that is a clear sign that warm and sunny days are ahead.

This year is the 6th exhibition and I had the honour to be part of it.

I can’t describe this in words but I can and want to show you the atmosphere from this exhibition.


I took some photos from the official facebook page MEDVEDI ==> Serbian word for bears.

And now I will show you some photos of my work and me explaining my art to my friends.



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